Visual Slope uses convenient drawing procedures similar to AutoCAD to help users establish analytical models,
which allows a detailed and accurate modeling of a complicated project.  Visual Slope also includes a database
that allows users to easily store and reuse commonly used material properties.  No matter how complicated the
problem is (such as one that involves different design modules), Visual Slope only uses one simple input file, which
makes communication among the users much easier.

Geotechnical design firms, government agencies, and universities worldwide have used Visual Slope as a design
or teaching software. In addition, numerous important projects have been designed with Visual Slope.

The Visual Slope Series includes:

The Visual Slope Series is far superior from other programs for several reasons:

  • Visual Slope is based on the latest design concepts, standards, research and test results.

  • Visual Slope has been successfully used in many important and complicated projects in US and around

  • Both allowable stress design method (ASD ) and load and resistance factor design method (LRFD) can be
    used with the Visual Slope Series like a shelf, Visual Slope is loaded with many different modules (functions).

  • Users can either use each module individually to solve a specific design problem, or use several modules
    together to solve a complicated design problem.

  • Although Visual Slope is a multi-function program, all functions in Visual Slope have been designed to share
    a common analogy.  Users can easily learn how to use Visual Slope by watching videos at our on-line
    training center or on YouTube by searching Visual Slope.
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