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Visual Slope
A Geotechnical Design Resource
Downloads and Updates
The trial version is used for training and educational purposes.  It has functions similar to the real version, but the
results are altered.  Therefore, please do not use its results for real projects.  The trial version is unable to save and
print files.
Slope Stability Analysis

Example 1 (Circular Failure)
Example 2 (Translational Failure)

Reinforced Slope Design

Example 3

Resisting Pile Design

Example 4

MSE Wall Design

Example 5

Shoring Design

Example 6 (Cantilevered Sheet Pile Wall)
Example 7 (Multiple Braced Sheet Pile Wall)
Example 8 (Tieback Wall)
Seepage Analysis

Example 9 (Isotropic Condition)
Example 10 (With Drain)
Example 11 (Phreatic Analysis)

Nailing Design

Example 12

Tunnel Lining Design

Example 13 (Circular Shaped Tunnel)
Example 14 (Horse-Shoe Shaped Tunnel)

Ground Freezing Design

Example 15

Pile Supported Embankment Design

The following materials have been used in development of Visual Slope.

Introduction of Visual Slope V7

2.        Visual Slope V6 User's Manual

3.        Visual Slope Verification Manual

4.        Slope Stability Analysis Results: Visual Slope vs STABL6

5.        Reinforced Slope and MSE Wall Design Reference Material

6.        Shoring Design Reference Material

7.        Seepage Analysis Reference Material

8.        Tunnel Lining Design Reference Material

9.        Ground Freezing Design Reference Material

10.        For slope stability analysis, please reference to Stability Analysis of Earth Slopes By Y.H. Huang

Reference Material for Pile Supported Embankment Design