Pile Supported Embankment  Design
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Visual Slope
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With modern pile and soil reinforcement technology, pile supported embankments will frequently provide the best
combination of economic efficiency, construction speed, settlement performance, reliability, installation/QC
simplicity, and environmental compliance in comparison to any other ground improvement method or bridge
construction technique. However, there are not many design tools available for engineers to use to design this type
of application.  Visual Slope developed pile supported embankment design module based on German EBGEO
recommendations. This design module is easy to use and reliable.

Features of Pile Supported Embankment Design Module

        Easy model establishment
        Simulating different pile layouts and pile length
        Providing detailed results including tension, strain, settlement, force in piles, etc.
        Detailed analysis report
Strain in Geosynthetic Reinforcement
Settlement along Top of Piles