Ground Freezing Construction Design
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Ground freezing is a construction technique used under circumstances in which the soil needs to be stabilized to
prevent it from collapsing next to excavations and to prevent contaminates in soil from being leached away. Ground
freezing has been used for at least one hundred years.  However, most ground freeze pipe layouts are estimated
with rulers and compasses, which can result in inaccurate, inefficient and unsafe designs.

Visual Slope-Ground Freezing module allows users design the number of freeze pipes and layouts much more
accurately and efficiently.

Features of Ground Freezing Design Module

  • Easy model establishment
  • Simulate 3D problems with 2D models
  • Accurate design of the number and locations of the freezing pipes
  • Accurate graphical report
Ground Freezing Design for Excavation (Plan View)
Ground Freezing Design for Excavation (Elevation View)