MSE Wall Design
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MSE Wall Global Stability Analysis
MSE Wall Compound Stability Analysis
Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls are widely used as retaining systems for roadway, commercial or
residential projects.  
MSE wall design consists of:

  1. Global stability analysis
  2. Compound stability analysis
  3. External stability analyses that include sliding analysis, overturning analysis and bearing capacity analysis
  4. Internal stability analyses that include pullout analysis, overstress analysis, sliding over reinforcement,
    connection strength analysis and block toppling analysis
  5. Settlement analysis

Visual Slope is the only software on the market that can perform all these analyses together within one program.  
Visual Slope is also suitable for tiered MSE walls.  The program will automatically count the load from the upper tier
walls when analyzing the lower tier wall.

The most advanced design methods, such as NCMA method and AASHTO method, are available in Visual Slope.  
Visual Slope can also perform LRFD.

Features of MSE Wall Design Module

  • Single and tiered MSE wall generator
  • Equipped with most advanced design methods
  • Rich database geo-synthetic and wall block
  • Detailed report
MSE Wall Internal and External Stability Analyses
Tiered MSE Wall Design