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Visual Slope
A Geotechnical Design Resource
Computer Requirements

Visual Slope is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Visual Slope V7 Trial Version

The trial version is used for training and educational purposes.  It has functions similar to the real version, but the
results are altered.  The files generated by the trial version cannot be saved.  The results produced by the trial
version cannot be printed.  Therefore, please do not use its results for real projects.  To download the trial version,
click here.

Educational Program

Visual Slope is free for teachers and students of colleges for educational purposes. Each use period is three
months which can be renewed afterwards. Please
download the application form, fill it out and email back to us at


If you have a small project and need to use Visual Slope, or you want to try to use the real version of Visual Slope,
you can lease Visual Slope for a month or longer, instead of purchasing it. Once we receive your payment, we will
send you a code to activate Visual Slope for you to use it immediately.

Purchase or Upgrade

There are two ways to purchase Visual Slope – online through Paypal or completion of a purchase form.  Before
purchasing, please download and install the trial version of Visual Slope and make sure it works properly.   After
receiving your payment, we will send a link to download the program you have purchased.  Within 30 days, if you
are not satisfied with Visual Slope, please send us an email.  We will fully refund your money.

1. On-line Purchase Through Paypal

2. Easy Purchase or Upgrade

1.        Download the order form (PDF Form or MSWord Form)
2.        Fill out the form and email back to
3.        Receive the program the same day
Basic Package
Basic Module (Slope Stability Analysis Only)
Online Order
Online Order
Reinforced Slope Package
Basic Package
+Soil Nail Module+Reinforced Slope Module+MSE Module
Online Order
Online Order
Geotechnical Package
Reinforced Slope Package
+Resisting Pile Module+Shoring Design Module
Online Order
Online Order
Professional Full Package
Geotechnical Package
+Tunnel Lining Design Module+Seepage Analysis
Module+Ground Freezing Design Module+Embankment Module
Online Order
Online Order
Server Version of Professional Full Package that can be shared by different
offices within the server network
Online Order
Online Order
Additional License of Server Version of Professional Full Package
Online Order
Upgrade to Version 6
(for the users who purchased Visual Slope previous versions)
Online Order