Reinforced Slope Design
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Visual Slope
A Geotechnical Design Resource
Circular Failure Analysis
Direct Sliding Analysis
In reinforced slope design, most computer softwares only provide a circular failure analyzing method.  Using this
method, a very important failure mechanism – soil body directly sliding over geo-synthetic layers, which in many
cases controls the design–is ignored. Visual Slope is one of the few softwares that can provide both circular failure
and directly sliding failure analyzing methods. Visual Slope provides clear results for factor of safety, capacity of
reinforcement of each layer, and the failure mechanism.

In design, users can use geo-synthetics, metal strips or other materials for reinforcement.  The design parameters
for the most commonly used materials have been stored in the Visual Slope database and can be easily used in

Surcharge, ground water conditions, and seismic effect can also be considered in design.  Both allowable strength
design (ASD) and load resistance factor design (LRFD) are available.  

Features of Reinforced Slope Design Module

  • Easy analytical model establishment
  • Consideration of friction reduction between fabric and soil
  • Circular failure analysis
  • Direct sliding failure analysis
  • Design parameter database
  • ASD or LRFD available