Shoring Design
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Visual Slope
A Geotechnical Design Resource
Visual Slope - Shoring is capable of performing shoring design for cantilevered, single braced, multiple front braced
or tieback shoring systems.  The user can set different load combinations and factors of safety to meet different
code requirements.  For a staged excavation, users do not have to build a model for each stage. The staged
excavation generator can be used to automatically calculate the internal forces for each stage.A global stability
analysis can also be performed with the same profile.  Detailed reports for each stage or an overall report including
every stage can be generated depending on the needs of the user.In V7, if the user wishes, he or she can also see
the stresses and deformation of the surrounding ground.

Features of Shoring Design Module

  • Staged excavation model generator
  • Automatic wall embedment adjustment
  • Automatic tieback length adjustment
  • Results of moment, shear force, wall deflection, and earth pressure acting on shoring system, as well as
    ground surface settlement.
  • Detailed report for each stage of excavation
Cantilever Wall Design
Tieback Wall Design
Moment in Multi-Layer Braced Shoring System
Settlement in Multi-Layer Braced Shoring System