Slope Stability Analysis
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Visual Slope
A Geotechnical Design Resource
Visual Slope – slope stability module is developed based on the widely accepted limit equilibrium theory.  With a tool
similar to AutoCad available in Visual Slope, users can easily establish analytical models for soil, rock or mixed
slopes no matter how complicated the ground conditions are.  The slope stability module provides a variety of
analyzing methods and different failure surfaces for users to choose, and is one of the best slope stability analyzing
softwares in the world.

Failure Surfaces

  • Circular failure surface
  • Planar failure surface
  • Block failure surface
  • Composite failure surface
  • Random failure surface
  • User defined failure surface

Analyzing Methods

  • Bishop circular failure surface method for soil slopes
  • Janbu translational or irregular failure surface method for rock slopes
  • Spencer method for both soil and rock slopes
  • Morgensten method for both soil and rock slopes
  • Transfer coefficient method for rock slopes
  • Seismic, groundwater, water head, porepressure, and seepage pressure
Circular Failure Surface
Planar Failure Surface
Planar Failure Surface
Composite Failure Surface
Random Failure Surface