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Visual Slope
A Geotechnical Design Resource
There are many computer programs for tunnel lining design.  However, only a few are able to provide results that
can be used directly for tunnel design because project specified load factors and load combinations cannot be
included in the calculations with most design programs.  Although some programs are able to account for the load
factors and load combinations, they may require extensive amounts of time to set up the computer models for
calculation.  Visual Slope-Tunnel Design module uses a beam-spring model that can include specified load factors
and load combinations for initial steel set design and final lining design.  The interaction between the tunnel
structure and the surrounding soil/rock is simulated with radial and tangential springs.  Users can use the tunnel
generator to set up calculation models with different shapes in just a few minutes.  All load combinations can be
calculated with just one click.

Features of Tunnel Lining Design Module

  • Easy model establishment for tunnels of any shape
  • Simulating surrounding rock with radial and tangential springs
  • Different loads and load combinations
  • FEM and closed form solutions
  • Reinforcement design
  • Detailed analysis report
Tunnel Lining Design
Circular Tunnel Lining Design
Tunnel Initial Support Design
Horse Shoe Shaped Tunnel Lining Design