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In tunnel-lining design, two types of design models—ground-structure model and load-structure model—are
commonly used.

The ground-structure model is usually used for complicated projects to enable the engineers to examine not only
the internal forces and deflections in the tunnel lining but also the stresses and deformation in the surrounding
ground, based on the interaction between the tunnel lining and the ground. This design model requires 2-D or 3-D
numerical analysis. However, the results from this model usually are not directly used for the actual tunnel-lining

The load-structure model, on other hand, is commonly adopted in actual tunnel design. In this model, the
interaction between the tunnel lining and the surrounding ground is simulated with normal and tangential springs;
load combinations can also be included. However, this model unable to provide stresses and deformation in the
surrounding ground.

Visual Slope V7 seamlessly combines those two models to enhance their advantages and eliminate their
shortcomings. With Visual Slope V7, users can enjoy the following enhancements:

•        Easy model establishment for tunnels of any shape
•        Simulations of surrounding rock with radial and tangential springs
•        Different loads and load combinations
•        FEM and closed-form solutions
•        Stresses and deformation in surrounding ground
•        Reinforcement design
•        Detailed analysis report
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