How deep can it go?

shoring and tunnel

Visual Slope-Shoring module can perform shoring design for cantilevered, single braced, multiple front braced or tieback shoring systems. 

Visual Slope seamlessly combines ground-structure model and load-structure model to enhance their advantages and eliminate their shortcomings.

Visual Slope-Ground Freezing module allows users to design the number of freeze pipes and layouts much more accurately and efficiently.

cantilevered shoring system

Deflection, bending moment and shear force, earth pressure

cantilevered shoring system

Ground displacement and stresses

braced shoring system

Front bracing, tieback, staged excavation, tieback and embedment lengths auto-adjustment

Braced shoring system

Horizontal and vertical movements, normal and shear stresses

Tunnel lining design

Load-Structural model, load combinations, elastic joints, TBM lining and initial support

Tunnel lining design

Ground-Structural model, ground settlement and stress

Retaining pile design

Slope stabilization, cantilevered or tieback

ground freezing design

Freezing pipe distribution, temperature field

main features in shoring design

main features in tunnel lining design

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