is this slope stable?

slope stability and stabilization

Visual Slope’s slope stability module is developed based on the widely accepted limit equilibrium theory.  Visual Slope V7 also includes the finite element method(FEM) that will provide more accurate results.

Soil nails/anchors have been widely used to provide reinforcement for failing soil, rock or mixed slopes. Visual Slope can be used not only for evaluation of a stabilized slope, but also for wall facing design.

Reinforced slopes with geosynthetics have adopted for many different projects. Visual Slope provides clear results for factor of safety, capacity of reinforcement of each layer, and the failure mechanism.

Circular Failure Surface

Seismic, rapid dropdown conditions can be considered. Monte Carlo analysis for risk assessment is also available.

Rock slope failure

Janbu, Spencer, Morgenstern-Price and FEA methods can be used. Strength reduction along failure surfaces can also be simulated.

Composite failure for landfill

Composite failure surfaces can be applied to landfill, soil sliding over rock top projects and many other cases.

Sliding under seepage pressure

Slope stability analyses for slopes under seepage pressure, after rainfall can be performed.

soil nailing design

Visual Slope determines the reinforcement according to the potential failure surface. Facing design can also be performed.

Reinforced Slope Design

Visual Slope can provide both circular failure and directly sliding failure analyzing methods for reinforced slope designs.

Failure Surface Types:

methodologies and other features:

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